Tournament OM Spotlight Quads (Round 1)


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OM Spotlight Quads
Co-Hosted by Wes8888 and Bella
Approved by Isaiah
OP based on UT 's OM Spotlight Trios

Welcome to the first-ever OM Spotlight Quads! The goal of this tour is to have some fun games with friends and Spotlight non-perma-ladder OMs! In this tournament, the tiers played are:

Force of the Fallen
Tera Donation
Voltturn Mayhem

Players should sign up as teams of four (and provide a team name) with each player being assigned a particular tier, or as free agents while stating their tier preferences. Signing up as a free agent is a good way to advertise your availability, and you can get picked up by a team later (if this happens, please delete your free agent sign up). Depending on sign ups, I may try and group un-teamed free agents into teams after sign ups close. An example team sign up:
Team name: The Pogchamp Pawniards
Force of the Fallen: Wes8888
Tera Donation: Bella
Voltturn Mayhem: Isaiah
Trademarked: UT
If I signed up as a free agent, my post would look something like one of these:
Free agent, can play anything
Free agent, prefer to play Trademarked
All standard tournament rules and guidelines apply. This means that ghosting is not allowed, including from teammates. Replays are mandatory. Also, since this tour is primarily to showcase the metagames, we want to avoid deadgames if at all possible. To encourage this, the first tiebreaker for playoffs will be total games played, then differential. This means that even if your team has already won the week 2-0, playing the last game is always better for playoff positioning. Depending on the number of sign ups, there will be a 3-5 week regular season, followed by a 1-2 week playoff. My goal is to maximize the number of teams included, which may require pool play; if it’s a number that works well for weeks however, we will do weeks. Please make sure you are able to play for the entire tour, as there are no subs.

Signups will last one week, closing on Feb 18th at 11:59 pm GMT -5
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Well, it seems we only have two teams, so it's straight to finals!

Round 1:
:p vs Free Agents

Force of the Fallen: Yoru97 vs DosDogs
Tera Donation: Mincera31 vs prunyy
Voltturn Mayhem: zastra vs DeepFriedMagikarp
Trademarked: Clas vs berry

sorry drampa first come first serve :(

The Round will end in a week from now at 11:59 pm, February 27th. Post your replays in this thread before then.

Free agents, if you want to give your team a name lmk, and everyone, glhf :)
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Sorry guys, I scheduled to the wrong timezone because I am incompetent apparently. :psycry:
Tried scheduling at 10:30 pm GMT+5.5 but they haven't been online for the past half hour.

Edit: Was able to play a game, but they already called act: here it is anyway
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Since y'all tied, we're gonna have a tiebreaker game. The meta is trademarked as per this random selection

Reply under this with who will play for each of your teams. I've decided not to put a deadline on this round, there's only one game so there's no rush.

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